Pro Plan

With the pro plan, you get everything that comes with basic plan plus much more.

Free Hosting

Pro gives you free hosting for 12 months.

Unlimited Emails

This plan gives you unlimited emails of your business.

Free SSL

With this plan you get free SSL/https. which normally costs from £19.99 per year.

Unlimited SSD Storage

This plan gives you unlimited SSD Storage so you can upload as many photos, videos, and files as you want.

Unlimited Pages

with the Pro design, you get unlimited pages. This design And Premium design Offers Unlimited Pages. If You Have a Big Website I Suggest Picking One Of These designs.

Free 30 Day Support

This plan gives you 30 days of unlimited updates. So you can do as many changes as you want for the first 30 days.

Pro Plan

Pro plan is as good as a premium plan. The only differences are that pro comes with 30 days of unlimited updates where the premium plan comes with 12 months. Other things that are not included with this plan are the free domain name and free live chat. With the pro plan, you don’t get a free domain name but if you want I can buy it for you. Domain names are starting from £9.99 depends on what type of domain name you want.

So my suggestion if you don’t need to change your website regularly take this plan as this plan is a lot cheaper then a premium plan. However, if you want to change your website regularly then pick the premium plan as that plan comes with unlimited updates for the full year. If you want to know more about unlimited updates click here. If you have any questions about this plan feel free to contact us.

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